Investment Opportunity

BridgeInvest was created to bridge the widening gap between serious commercial real estate investors and the traditional lending community. Institutional lenders have substantially tightened their underwriting standards, resulting in many attractive and often time-sensitive investment opportunities going unfunded. As a result, many real estate investors have resorted to private lenders in order to fund their projects quickly and capture market opportunities.

Proven Expertise

Our seasoned team of commercial real estate lending professionals has over 20 years of time-tested experience underwriting loans secured by all types of commercial properties in Florida. We believe our local knowledge and proven expertise help us attract the most competitive deals in the market.

Alignment of Interests

We retain a significant portion of each loan on our own books. We will not sell something we do not want to invest in ourselves.

Rigorous Due Diligence

BridgeInvest performs a full and rigorous due diligence on all deals. We provide our investment partners with full transparency to detailed documentation on each deal.

Focused Approach

BridgeInvest typically secures the first lienholder position on the commercial property—including land development, construction, multifamily, industrial, retail, office and hospitality—and a personal guarantee from the borrower.

We stay local so that we can actively manage every deal

Unparalleled transparency

We maintain a portion of each loan on our own books

High-yield debt opportunities with rapid repayment of principal

We have over 20 years of underwriting experience